Consolidated List of Services

This page is a consolidated list of services provided by Restoration Resources. Links to the specific services in each category are imbedded in the text. We do large and small jobs and provide general contracting services as well.

Restoration Services

Exterior Restoration: Replace and maintain exterior components - from entries to cornices, including roofs, siding and windows.
Interior Restoration: Restore and adapt historic rooms, stairs, plaster, paneling, fireplaces, and hardware so as to retain their period appearance while serving a modern function.
Structural Repair: Repair and replace sills, timber framing, stone foundations, sagging roofs, and listing walls.
Fine Carpentry: Restore and repair period woodwork, including paneling, molding, and other decorative and functional features, using traditional hand tools and current technology.
Period Kitchens: Design kitchens and create cabinets, cupboards, shelves, counters, islands and tables with a period look and modern functionality.
Building Relocation Services: Dismantle, transport and reconstruct buildings or move them intact.
Antique Hardware & Architectural Components: A large variety of old house parts are offered principally for use in our restoration projects, ranging from hardware, to windows and doors, and flooring.


Historic House Inspections: On-site inspections for homeowners or prospective home buyers to assess building condition or age; evaluate a structure prior to purchase; develop a work plan.
Advice & Consultation: Answer questions about the age or style of a building or feature and provide advice on common old house problems. There is no charge for phone or e-mail consultations.
Cost Estimates for Projects: Develop workplans, timetables and cost estimates for projects.
Research & Documentation: Create scaled floor plans for future restoration work, or to show changes over time. Document rooms, buildings, or features of historic or personal interest. Research the history of a structure.
Referral & Networking: Provide referrals to tradespeople and real estate professionals sensitive to issues of restoration. Assist with locating old houses and barns for sale or relocation. We regularly refer people to other craftsmen when we cannot meet their needs because of distance or time constraints.


Classes & Lectures: Classes and lectures are offererd through a number of organizations, including historical societies, trade shows and conferences, adult education programs and university programs. Classes include a field course on historic houses and credit courses for real estate professionals. Lectures cover a variety of topics, adapted to the needs of the audience. For a schedule of upcoming classes and lectures go to our CALENDAR.
Reference Materials: If you visit our office in Alna, you may browse through one of Maine's largest collections of books on early New England buildings.